You Can Help Us Fix Broken Hearts

Every Heartbeat Is A Triumph 

When a heart attack strikes. When a heart valve isn’t working. When an artery is blocked. When a tragedy leads to a lifesaving transplant… every heartbeat forever after is a triumph. A triumph for our patients, their families, and society. For our dedicated heart doctors, surgeons and nurses. And for our researchers and technicians.

We Never Take These Triumphs For Granted

Because, while we’ve made big gains in our ability to save lives, we’re still falling behind. Every seven minutes, a Canadian dies of heart or vascular disease. That’s 70,000 Canadians every year, or one quarter of all deaths. For women, the burden is even greater. One in four will lose her life to heart disease, and heart disease and stroke are the number one cause of premature death in women.

There are many reasons for these grim numbers. Our population is aging. Canadians of every age aren’t as active as they should be. Public resources are strained. And access to the best care is inefficient and unequal. Nevertheless, we take each loss personally. Because we believe most of them can be foreseen. Risks can be reduced. Deaths can be prevented.

We have the plan to make it happen — we have the plan to stop the progression of heart disease. That’s radical.