MUHC Foundation named one of Canada’s Most Admired™ Corporate Cultures

This national honour recognizes the MUHC Foundation’s commitment to building and sustaining a strong corporate culture.

On March 1, 2023, nine members of the MUHC Foundation’s outstanding team traveled to Toronto to accept a prestigious award. Canada’s Most Admired™ Corporate Cultures recognizes the foundation’s commitment to a workplace that is open, transparent, values respect and communication, and embraces innovation. The MUHC Foundation is proud to have been selected for the award from dozens of applicants.

“This recognition is 100 per cent for the MUHC Foundation team. They are the ones who have built the culture from the ground up and have determined together what kind of work environment they want. I am so incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished,” says Julie Quenneville, President and CEO of the MUHC Foundation.

The MUHC Foundation prides itself on creating a welcoming work environment where every employee feels comfortable voicing opinions and ideas, and where difference is embraced. It offers a flexible work environment that accommodates employees’ lives and offers opportunities for growth within the organization.

Canada’s Most Admired™ Corporate Cultures is administered by Waterstone Human Capital, Canada’s leading cultural talent management firm. MUHC Foundation Chief Operating Officer Harris Poulis was a driving force behind the award nomination, and accepted the trophy at Waterstone’s celebratory gala.

“It is truly inspiring and rewarding to have been recognized as one of Canada’s top corporate cultures and it is a testament to the positive and progressive work culture we constantly strive for at the MUHC Foundation,” says Poulis.

The inspiring and often amusing event was hosted by Canadian actor Darrin Rose, known for his role in CBC comedy Mr. D. The application for the award requires six short essays, and Rose was quick to joke that none of the “big wigs” in the room did the work. That’s where he was wrong. The MUHC Foundation is proud to share its success with Senior Writer Tara Simonetta Mann, who worked alongside Poulis to create the winning submission.

“Harris and I spent weeks sending the essays back and forth to get them just right. Learning we had won was such an exciting moment. Not every leadership team would give recognition to their submission writer, but my wonderful co-workers made sure I shared in the success and recognition,” says Simonetta Mann

Simonetta Mann was the only writer in the room that night, and her presence is a testament to the MUHC Foundation’s culture: one that celebrates accomplishments regardless of what it says on your business card.

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