Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving

By becoming a Health Care Changemaker, you will be part of a dedicated community of donors who support the MUHC’s greatest needs. The MUHC Foundation works hard to support excellence in patient care and ground-breaking research discoveries that will transform lives. Health Care Changemakers make that possible—every day, all year long.

Why give monthly?

You can help create better patient care for all

As a monthly donor, you will be part of a strong community that is ensuring the health of our province.

You can support lifesaving medical research

Your gift each month will help us provide ongoing support for life-changing patient care and lifesaving research discoveries.

You can make a difference in our community

As a Health Care Changemaker, you are playing an active role in helping us change the course of lives and medicine at the MUHC.

Become a Health Care Changemaker

Are you ready to change health care for the better? As a Health Care Changemaker, your monthly gift helps ensure the MUHC Foundation can support the hospital’s most pressing needs. Whether for ground-breaking research or excellence in patient care, your gift has a ripple effect across our community and ensures the health of family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

The impact of your gift

"We do not do research as an intellectual exercise; we do research because there is a patient at the end of the day. Your support makes our work possible."

- Dr. Miguel N. Burnier, ophthalmologist

"We are blessed at the MUHC: within the physical space, we have promoted collaboration for clinicians, nurses, and allied health professionals with the goal of treating patients and families throughout life. Your support is helping the MUHC come to the forefront of clinical trials and life-changing patient care."

- Dr. Molly Warner, hematologist

Be a Changemaker. 

Join our monthly giving program.

As a Health Care Changemaker, you will help make our big dreams for health care a reality. As a member of our monthly giving community, you will help us support the greatest needs of the MUHC and receive the benefit of a tax receipt. Together, we can make our community healthier.

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