Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving

Building your legacy.

When we are young, we are too busy to take the time to seriously plan for our future. However, with age comes reflection, and the topic of our legacy – the story others will tell about us – becomes more and more relevant. 

Your legacy is something developed throughout your life, and it is the sum of all the choices you have made. With careful planning, you can build a legacy that shares a little of yourself your values and beliefs – with future generations. 

If you or a loved one was treated at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and appreciated the care received, consider including a gift to the MUHC Foundation in your Will. 

You will be changing the course of lives and medicine for generations to come.

Your gift for the future.

A gift in your Will, also known as a bequest, is one of the simplest ways to make a significant donation – perhaps larger than you ever thought possible. 
In your Will, you can choose to leave a specific sum of money, or a percentage of your estate. This means you may be able to make a greater impact than would be affordable during your lifetime. When a bequest is realized, the MUHC Foundation will issue a donation receipt for the gift. 
Leaving a gift in your Will is flexible and simple, which means you can change your mind about how much you wish to leave at any time. And by leav¬ing a gift in your Will to the MUHC Foundation, you are making sure that the MUHC is here for you and your loved ones when it matters most.

Gift options for leaving a legacy

There are a number of options and tax benefits available to plan your gift and build your legacy. The most common ones are: 
gifts in Wills 
gifts of publicly listed securities 
gifts of life insurance 
gifts of RRSP/RRIF 

We recommend obtaining professional advice when planning your estate, but we would be happy to help with the suggested wording for your Will.

To get started on building your legacy with the MUHC Foundation, return the form or contact: 
Nancy Perry Dossous, Director of development