A message from our Campaign Co-Chairs

When we Dream Big together, amazing things happen.

Every day at the MUHC, nearly 12,000 women and men report to work with a mission. To reduce suffering and pain. To help your families live better and longer lives. And, just as importantly, to revolutionize diagnoses, prevention and cures that will transform lives, here at home and throughout the world. They can’t do it alone.

As in the past, it’s up to us — the Montreal and Quebec community — to invest in this remarkable success story. Our success story. Together, we built one of the most advanced health care centres in the world. Now we must take it to the next level. To invest in research excellence and stellar medical and scientific talent.

This vital mission can’t wait, because we’re living in extraordinary times. Today, genomics, big data and AI are driving breakthroughs at an unimaginable pace. Indeed, we’re on the cusp of solving some of humanity’s biggest medical puzzles, with a direct impact on our families and the world. Unleashing this kind of innovation is a big dream. But it’s a dream we can achieve by working together and investing in the MUHC.

Please join us.

Jean Charest
Former Premier of Quebec
Partner, McCarthy Tétrault LLP
Dream Big Campaign Co-Chair

Suzanne Legge Orr
Dream Big Campaign Co-Chair

Marc Parent
President and CEO, CAE
Dream Big Campaign Co-Chair