New hope for sarcoma patients

SaRC-Q: New hope for sarcoma patients


2023 June

<p></p> <p><strong>Sarcoma takes too many </strong><em>young lives.</em></p><em></em> <p></p>

Sarcoma takes too many young lives.

Sarcoma is a rare but life-threatening cancer. Though it can occur at any age, it endangers an unlikely segment of our society—young adults ages 16–40. This cancer of the bone and soft tissue is hard to treat and sadly, patients are faced with very few treatment options. Because of its rarity, few resources have been put into developing new treatments. Until now.


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We won’t stand by while sarcoma cuts lives short.

Sarcoma experts from across the province have come together to create the Sarcoma Research Consortium of Quebec (SaRC-Q). This new program will bring sarcoma research and care in Quebec under one umbrella, helping more patients access innovative treatments.



Together, we can help more young people survive sarcoma

Sarcoma patients are faced with few treatment options, many of which only have a 50% chance of working. Often, the only option is limb amputation. Sadly, many young people lose their lives. SaRC-Q has three components to help young people survive:

  1. Better access to sarcoma specialists

    SaRC-Q will connect sarcoma patients from across Quebec to specialists who can guide them through every possible treatment option, increasing their chances of survival.

  2. Cutting-edge treatment options

    More clinical trials mean more treatment options for sarcoma patients. SaRC-Q will work with pharmaceutical companies to bring the latest in sarcoma care to Quebec, giving patients new hope.

  3. A one-stop shop for sarcoma information

    SaRC-Q’s website will help sarcoma patients learn more about their illness. With so many young patients, a reliable online resource is a must.

“With SaRC-Q, patients will have access to experts in treating sarcoma and innovative clinical trials that could save their lives.”

Dr. Ramy Saleh

Sarcoma specialist and co-founder, Sarcoma Research Consortium of Quebec (SaRC-Q)

Help us save young lives.

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