The MUHC Foundation welcomes the Montreal Alouettes to the MUHC

On the morning of January 18th, the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) was abuzz with excitement as five players from the Montreal Alouettes touched down at the hospital.

An initiative of the MUHC Foundation, the event brought CFL champions Tyson Philpot, Louis-Philippe Bourassa, Frédéric Chagnon, Régis Cibasu and Shawn Lemon to the hospital with the Grey Cup proudly in hand. The football stars signed autographs, gave out mini footballs and met the hardworking staff of the MUHC to pose with the 80-pound trophy.

“It makes me feel so amazing to give back to this community,” said Tyson Philpot in an interview with City New Montreal.

Excited MUHC staff gathered by the hundreds for a chance to meet the Alouettes and take photos with the Grey Cup. Many wore jerseys and other Alouettes merch. Glenn Dean, a member of the Courtois Cardiovascular Signature Program of the MUHC and an Alouettes superfan, was ecstatic to meet his heroes. In an interview with Global News Montreal, he shared his enthusiasm:

“I watch the winning goal of the Grey Cup game over and over because no one thought they could do it, but they didn’t give up. They keep the same attitude we do here at the MUHC,” says Dean.

Dean could be heard telling the players how proud he and the city are of their win. The feeling was mutual, with the Alouettes players expressing how proud they were to give back to their city and spread joy at the MUHC.

“We need our health care experts. As we have seen in recent years, they are precious people in our society. To come and visit them with the Grey Cup is a small gesture, but we can see that it is appreciated,” said Frédéric Chagnon in an interview with TVA Sports.

The MUHC Foundation was thrilled to see every single person in the room smiling. With their visit to the Glen site a big win, we hope to have more chances to celebrate with our Montreal Alouettes in the future.

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