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The average person will take 500 million breaths during their lifetime. In March of 2020, Paul Beattie learned that his remaining breaths were diminishing at an accelerated speed

Paul was one of the first people in Montreal to be diagnosed with COVID-19. Accustomed to enjoying good health, his experience had a profound impact on his life. In March of 2020, Paul and his family came down with the coronavirus. Although everyone else recovered rapidly, Paul’s symptoms lingered.

A proud Montrealer for over 30 years, Paul Beattie is President and co-founder of the investment management company BT Global Growth. He is the father of two daughters, who nearly lost him in those first fearful weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After 6 difficult nights suffering from a high fever, Paul’s fiancée Denise insisted on driving him to the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). There, he underwent triage in the parking lot. Depleted of energy and too tired to even stand up, Paul soon found himself hooked up to machines.

“My oxygen level had tumbled down to well below normal levels.”

Paul was shocked when the doctor told him, “We can’t figure out why you’re still alive.”

According to the doctor, Paul’s chances of survival were 50-50. Having never been hospitalized before, this was Paul’s first experience in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“The team at the MUHC nursed me back to health. And I had fantastic care, I must say, absolutely tremendous.”

“Our governments take care of funding our hospitals, which is terrific. But when it comes to actually solving these long-term health issues, it’s all about research. We need to fund the research,” says Paul.

Since Paul’s health and breath have been restored, he’s using his energy to give that much-needed research funding a kick start. After Paul made a sizeable contribution, Scott Jones, the Chairman of his company, also agreed to co-chair the Dream Big: Breathe Easier campaign, as did their mutual friend John Kalaydjian. Together, they are committed to helping raise that $10M.

The dedicated trio are now spearheading this philanthropic initiative and raising funds for research into long term respiratory illnesses, like COPD and COVID, that affect over 11 million Canadians.

Paul maintains, “The MUHC has a terrific group of people doing incredible research. It’s all about knowledge. And the more we know, the better.”

All Quebecers deserve their full 500 million breaths, taken with ease.

The MUHC Foundation is more than a few breaths away from achieving our fundraising goals. Please help us ensure that more Montrealers get to breathe with ease. If you’d like to learn more about our Dream Big: Breathe Easier campaign, visit: