Montrealer Ferron Campbell wants you to join the fight against cancer

The Campbell O’Connor family and MD Heritage have donated $25,000 in matching funds to the MUHC Foundation’s World Cancer Day campaign.

Co-Founder of MD Heritage Ferron Campbell remembers his grandmother, Cita, as a shining light in his life. When she passed away from leukemia when he was six years old, the loss left a gaping hole.

“My grandmother was like a mother to me. She had a strong hand in raising me and we were very close,” says Ferron.

Such a loss at such a young age left Ferron with countless emotions: fear, anger, confusion and, above all, sorrow. Even today, 40 years later, speaking about Grandma Cita brings tears to his eyes.

“It was so difficult, at such a young age, to have to wrap my head around losing someone who meant so much to me,” says Ferron.

Throughout his adult life, Ferron always wanted to make a difference for the health care community that cared so compassionately for his grandmother. This desire to give back motivated him to dedicate his entire wealth advisory practice to the unique needs of health care professionals, co-founding MD Heritage, a wealth offering created for physicians by physicians.

Thanks to his purpose-driven journey, Ferron arrived two years ago at the doorstep of the MUHC Foundation, just as it was looking for a donor to provide matching funds for its World Cancer Day campaign. He accepted without hesitation.

World Cancer Day, which takes place on February 4th each year, is an international day of awareness, education and action. It helps unite people around the world in the fight against this all-too-common disease. At the MUHC Foundation, donations to the World Cancer Day campaign support ground-breaking cancer research taking place at the Research Institute of the MUHC (RI-MUHC).

Eager to make a difference, Ferron and his family donated $20,000 in matching funds via their foundation, the Campbell O’Connor Foundation, to the MUHC Foundation’s first World Cancer Day campaign in 2022. This generous gift made the fundraising campaign a huge success, raising $71,552. Now, on February 4, 2024, Ferron and his wife Carly O’Connor are once again contributing to this important cause.

“Rather than feeling powerless against this disease, we feel like we are in the fight, and hopefully Ferron’s story and our contribution will get other people engaged as well,” says Carly.

Ferron joins three prominent Montreal influencers in supporting the MUHC Foundation’s World Cancer Day campaign for 2024. City News journalist and diversity expert Fariha Naqvi Mohammed, Virgin Radio host Lee Haberkorn, and certified life coach Erica Diamond are all lending their voices to this important campaign.

A loving husband and father of two girls, Ferron is determined to teach his daughters the importance of giving back to the community and living with purpose.

“The fight against cancer is generational. By donating, I am standing on the shoulders of those who have contributed before me. I’m proud to do that, and show my daughters what can be achieved when one marries their passion with purpose,” says Ferron.

When asked about his big dreams for cancer research, Ferron believes there is a cure within our grasp.

“I am constantly inspired by the incredible researchers and innovators at the MUHC. We have seen unbelievable innovations like DOvEE, which can detect ovarian and endometrial cancers early, before they become deadly. We couldn’t be more grateful than to partner with the MUHC Foundation to make cancer a memory of the past,” says Ferron. “I encourage everyone to give and do what they can, because together we can achieve the impossible and transform hope into change.”

Now in his second year of supporting the MUHC Foundation’s World Cancer Day campaign, Ferron is proud to create impact and inspire the MUHC’s leaders to push the boundaries of medicine and save more lives.

“They don’t make them like Ferron Campbell anymore,” says Dr. Renzo Cecere, Head of Cardiac Surgery at the MUHC, and a leading innovator. “He’s an old soul with a heart of gold, and his contagious energy and conviction allow him to do remarkable things.”

In honour of Grandma Cita, Ferron Campbell and MD Heritage are matching all donations* to the MUHC Foundation’s World Cancer Day campaign. Learn more and donate at

*All donations will be matched up to $25,000

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