Maria Della Posta: supporting and attracting top talent to the muhc

Maria Della Posta is passionate about supporting education 一she is an active member on many educational boards including McGill Advisory Boards. As President of Pratt & Whitney Canada, Maria is recognized as a champion of inclusion and leadership development both within Pratt & Whitney and the aviation industry.

“I have a passion for supporting the development of talent. It’s imperative we support the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) model to encourage research and studies in the leading medical fields, attract talent and encourage our healthcare workers,” says Maria. “The more they are able to innovate and create cutting-edge solutions, the more lives we can save here and around the world.”

Maria is the newest member of the MUHC Foundation’s Board of Directors. She joined to support the transformation of health care through research and innovation at the MUHC and as a proud member of the Montreal community.

“I learned of the instrumental role that the MUHC is playing in research, clinical trials and more recently, as a key player in the fight against COVID-19,” says Maria. “They have combined deep technical know-how with an innovative model of collaboration to attract top talent in specialties!”

Maria’s Big Dream is to help the MUHC Foundation raise $200 million to change the course of lives and medicine. The MUHC Foundation is thrilled to welcome Maria Della Posta to its Board of Directors.

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