Installation of a Cutting-Edge Cardiac MRI Machine at the Glen Site

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) received the 3T GE SIGNA™ Premier, a flagship GE Medical Systems Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (MR) machine, on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

The machine, which performs cutting-edge scans of the heart and the vascular system, will provide the MUHC with unprecedented expertise in heart research, while at the same time considerably enhancing patient experience. The machine:

  • will be used by clinician scientists from the MUHC and the RI-MUHC and world-class scientists from leading medical image companies
  • will allow for reducing scans from 45 to 15 minutes
  • will lead to faster diagnoses
  • will facilitate the discovery of hard-to-detect cardiac conditions
  • will allow for reducing the need for contrast agents (dyes injected)
  • will not require any radioactive substances or radiation
  • will improve patient safety and experience

The MUHC Foundation funded the purchase of the machine and the necessary renovations for its installation.

MRI Installation 1
MRI Installation 2
MRI Installation 3

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