The MUHC Foundation’s le Bal Rouge raises $2 million for research into infection and immunity

After two years, Le Bal Rouge was back with a vengeance. This year’s fiery edition raised funds in support of MI4, the McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity. The glamourous event, attended by 520 guests and held on Friday, May 27, at Montreal’s iconic Windsor Station, was a visual and gastronomical delight. It brought together a powerhouse of philanthropic individuals and companies determined to ensure Quebec is at the forefront of research into infection and immunity.

“I am delighted to have co-chaired the first Le Bal Rouge since the pandemic began. We have all experienced hardships these past two years, and it’s fitting, reuniting after so long, that we honour the scientists who kept us safe.”

– Ivan Vella, Le Bal Rouge Co-Chair and Chief Executive, Aluminum, Rio Tinto

“A strong and sustainable health care system is critical to the well-being of our community—the pandemic has taught us what happens when resources are stretched thin. As Co-Chair of Le Bal Rouge, I am proud to have helped raise critical funds to support infectious disease research.”

– Mélanie Bernier, Le Bal Rouge Co-Chair and Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, PSP Investments

“My fellow Co-Chairs and I are so grateful to the many guests and donors to Le Bal Rouge. Together, we will have a transformative impact on infectious disease research in Montreal.”

– Ian L. Edwards, Le Bal Rouge Co-Chair and President and Chief Executive Officer, AtkinsRéalis

The MUHC Foundation’s signature gala honoured the work of Dr. Donald Sheppard. Dr. Sheppard is the founding director of MI4 and he played an instrumental role in Montreal, Quebec and Canada’s COVID-19 response.

“I founded MI4 because we knew the next pandemic was coming and we needed to be ready. None of us guessed it would come so soon. With the support of the MUHC Foundation and its generous donors, we were able to mobilize immediately. I am incredibly grateful for the Foundation’s support.”

– Dr. Don Sheppard, Founding Director, MI4

MI4 was created in 2017 to address the global threat of infection. Today, it brings together over 250 researchers and 5,000 staff from a wide range of fields to find solutions to humanity’s deadliest puzzles: tuberculosis, COVID-19, and the growing threat of antibiotic resistance.

The MUHC Foundation is raising $60 million for MI4 as part of its $200 million Dream Big campaign to change the course of lives and medicine. With the generous help of the MUHC Foundation, MI4 supports translational research to prevent, cure and eliminate major infectious and immune threats to human health.

“We are so pleased to bring back our signature gala after years of uncertainty. We are proud to have created an event that not only rekindled the city’s social scene, but raised over a million dollars to tackle the infectious diseases that threaten our world. Thank you to our sponsors, donors and guests for your generosity.”

Julie Quenneville, President and CEO, MUHC Foundation

Since its inaugural event in 2016, Le Bal Rouge has raised over $5 million to support excellence in patient care, research, and teaching at the McGill University Health Centre. This one-of-a-kind event has supported surgical innovation, cardiovascular care, ophthalmology and more to keep our community healthy.

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