RBC Funds the Art & Heritage Centre at the McGill University Health Centre MUHC

Recognizing the healing power of art, RBC’s gift will help bring beauty to the halls of the MUHC while preserving its history.

Montreal, April 20, 2023—The relationship between art, healing, and health is deep and long-standing. In a health care environment, art is indispensable in helping patients recover, and is behind moments of joy and inner peace for patients and their loved ones. A new $300,000 gift from RBC to the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Foundation will support the MUHC’s RBC Art and Heritage Centre to bring the healing power of art to patients.

“Our long-standing partnership with the McGill University Health Centre is rooted in our mutual desire and deep commitment to supporting the health of our communities. In addition to preserving the history of the hospital, the RBC Art & Heritage Centre will allow patients, their visitors, and staff to bask in the present moment and let their minds wander into a space of calm and peace. At any point in life, we have been, or will be, patients. Having such an outlet within the MUHC creates an environment for patients and families alike to focus on getting better,” says Nadine Renaud-Tinker, President, RBC in Quebec.

The RBC Art and Heritage Centre holds an extensive art collection and historical objects that detail the rich medical history of Montreal. It curates permanent and rotating art exhibitions by local contemporary artists at all sites of the MUHC. Its exhibits create a welcoming and healing environment for the MUHC’s patients, staff and visitors.

“Art is an important part of the hospital environment, and it plays several roles. It has a healing component—it’s good for patients and their families—and it has a major benefit for staff. They work in an environment that is humanized, not just long white corridors with nothing on them. RBC’s continued support of the Art and Heritage Centre ensures we can continue to bring art to the MUHC community.”

—Dr. Jonathan Meakins, Director, RBC Art and Heritage Centre

RBC has been a steadfast supporter of the MUHC for many years. In Fall 2022, RBC made a transformative $2 million gift to prepare young health care professionals at the MUHC to lead long, healthy and fulfilling careers through the Young Professionals Development Program.

“The MUHC takes pride in helping its patients get well, and that journey includes creating a beautiful environment in which our patients can convalesce. The RBC Art and Heritage Centre is one of the ways RBC supports the MUHC, but it is an important aspect of the hospital’s overall work, and we thank RBC for its generosity.”

—Peter Kruyt, Chair, MUHC Board of Directors

On April 18, RBC and the MUHC Foundation celebrated the gift with a special event. A vernissage cocktail at the atrium of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre displayed the captivating and one-of-a-kind artistry of renowned printmaker Catherine Farish. The exhibit, Geomancy, is an eclectic merging of art and nature.

During the event, Nadine Renaud-Tinker, Quebec Regional President of RBC, announced the major donation alongside many of the RBC’s executive leadership team. Thanks to RBC’s generous gift, the event marked the RBC Art and Heritage Centre’s first exhibit on public display since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

“I am so grateful to Nadine and the RBC leadership team for their transformative support of the MUHC Foundation. Nadine joined the MUHC Foundation board last fall, and she is truly dreaming big with us to improve the health of Quebecers.”

—Marc Parent, Co-Chair, MUHC Foundation Dream Big Campaign; President and CEO, CAE

“There are so many aspects to health and well-being, and RBC recognizes how powerful art can be as a tool for healing, and as a way to inspire and invigorate the MUHC’s committed, talented staff. I look forward to many beautiful art exhibits to come.”

—Jean Charest, Co-Chair, MUHC Foundation Dream Big Campaign; Partner, McCarthy Tétrault

RBC’s gift supports the MUHC Foundation’s $200 million Dream Big Campaign to change the course of lives and medicine.

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