RBC donates $2 million to support workplace wellness

The gift will create the Young Professionals Development Program to meet the onboarding and upskilling needs of young health professionals entering the MUHC.

Montreal, November 17, 2022 — The demands on health care professionals are greater than ever before. After over two years of pandemic response, health care workers are burnt out. Combined with the retirement of baby boomers, the ability to recruit and retain staff has become difficult for hospitals across the country. As a result, brand-new doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and more are being recruited to highly specialized jobs right out of university, often without the support they need to succeed.

Thanks to RBC Future Launch, RBC’s $2 million gift will address the critical need to better prepare young health care professionals to ensure they lead long, healthy and fulfilling careers. The Young Professionals Development Program will meet the educational and wellness needs of health care workers in the first five years of their careers. Participants will have access to simulation training to help them build confidence and teamwork, with a focus on ensuring good mental health.

“It comes as no surprise; the Canadian health care community continues to be impacted by the ongoing effects of the pandemic. Coupled with labour shortages, our health care professionals are feeling the pressure more than ever before,” says Nadine Renaud-Tinker, President, RBC in Quebec. “This gift could not come at a better time, and we at RBC are confident the Young Professionals Development Program serves to address some of MUHC’s most challenging and unmet needs as they pertain to health care workers’ wellbeing and preparedness in the workplace. From a holistic perspective, we know this will benefit patients too through greater care.”

The Young Professionals Development Program will provide:

  • RBC Young Professionals Development Bursaries to enable young health professionals to receive additional certifications.
  • RBC BIPOC Young Professionals Development Bursaries to promote diversity and inclusion in health care.
  • Simulation training and debriefing to build interprofessional teamwork, peer support and communications skills.
  • Training and resources for stress management to build a more human, employee-centric work environment.

In addition to training over 5,000 new health care professionals each year, the MUHC onboards 2,000 new employees annually. Nearly 75% are new graduates, and over 65% are under the age of 30. Ensuring these new employees are prepared to join the high-stress environment of an acute care hospital is essential to their success, and the success of the hospital.

“Training is the cornerstone of success in any industry. In health care, it can mean the difference between happy, well-adjusted employees and those who experience burnout. RBC’s gift will strengthen our health care system by providing young health professionals with the tools they need to lead long, healthy careers. My fellow co-chairs, Jean Charest, Suzanne Legge Orr and I are grateful for RBC’s commitment to better health care in our city.”

—Marc Parent, Dream Big Campaign co-chair; President and CEO, CAE

The pressures on health care professionals to perform are vast—one mistake could negatively impact a patient. Simulation gives young professionals the opportunity to become familiar with their work environment, rehearse high-stress scenarios and, most importantly, learn to work as a team. At the MUHC simulation centre (MUHC-i-SIM), teams of physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and other health professionals practice together, ensuring they are prepared for real-life emergencies. Post-simulation debrief sessions provide the opportunity to communicate about the pressures and stress of their work in a safe space.

“Teamwork is a critical aspect of health care delivery. Simulation is not just about mastering a medical procedure, but learning to communicate, work together and support each other. RBC’s gift will help ensure the MUHC’s talented young professionals shine.”

—Dr. Elene Khalil, Director of Education and Simulation, MUHC

With RBC’s support, the MUHC Foundation and the MUHC will give young health professionals the tools to hone their skills, have open discussions about mental health and thrive in their careers. The Young Professionals Development Program will not only benefit our newest health care professionals, but the health of our entire community.

“Working in health care can be incredibly rewarding, but also mentally and physically taxing. RBC’s gift will help create open communication about challenges and ensure young health care staff at the MUHC have every support they need to become seasoned professionals.”

—Julie Quenneville, President and CEO, MUHC Foundation

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