Heritage MD donates $500K to the MUHC Foundation to fund innovation at the McGill University Health Centre

Montreal, May 28, 2024— True to its mission of empowering health care professionals and its commitment to social impact, Heritage MD, a specialized wealth advisory firm “Created for Physicians by Physicians”, has pledged $500K to the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Foundation. The gift will support various life-changing initiatives at the MUHC—from cancer to cardiology to infectious disease research, with the goal of funding innovative research and patient-oriented care. This gift underscores Heritage MD’s commitment to supporting the McGill University Health Centre and the Research Institute of the MUHC and fostering collaborations that will positively impact lives nationwide.

“Having co-created our firm with physician leadership of the MUHC, our commitment to community is deeply ingrained in our core values. At Heritage MD, giving is in our DNA, and our multi-year collaboration with the MUHC Foundation, is a testament to our being firmly aligned with the medical community and deeply committed to building a healthier, more prosperous future for all.”

Ferron Campbell, Co-Founder of Heritage MD

Heritage MD was founded on one core principle: empowering health care professionals with the formation of the Heritage Council as the cornerstone of its foundation. At the helm of the Heritage Council stands Dr. Renzo Cecere, a distinguished Cardiac Surgeon at the MUHC, past Chief of Cardiac Surgery and former Chair of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Physicians Council.

“Through collaborative dialogue and shared expertise, the Heritage Council empowers health care professionals to guide and mold a truly independent firm that is deeply aligned with our individual and collective aspirations. Together, we are building more than just a wealth advisory firm—we are forging world class partnerships with the promise of a legacy of prosperity for generations to come”

—Dr. Renzo Cecere, past Chief of Cardiac Surgery at the MUHC and Chair of the Heritage Council

Together with its partners, Heritage MD strives to set a national standard of excellence in wealth advisory services. One that raises the bar and ensures that those who care for us the most, have the support and resources they need to thrive at every stage of their careers—inspiring the trust and confidence to look no further. The gift to the MUHC Foundation marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration across the financial and health care sectors that will lead to even greater, innovative solutions for Quebecers and Canadians at large.

“At Heritage MD, we recognize the heritage of dedication, compassion, and excellence that generations of health care professionals have passed down, and the importance of collective action in addressing the most pressing challenges facing our communities. We count ourselves privileged to join forces with the MUHC Foundation in contributing meaningfully to this legacy.”

Michael Goodman, Chairman of the Heritage MD Board of Directors

The collaboration between the MUHC Foundation and Heritage MD will enhance Montreal's position as a health care leader, showcasing the transformative impact of intersectoral partnerships on the city's health care infrastructure. Both Heritage MD and the MUHC Foundation are fundamentally driven by the mission of championing health care professionals and fostering innovation within Quebec's health care sector.

“We are so grateful for Heritage MD’s generosity and appreciate their commitment to supporting local health care through the MUHC Foundation. The reason the Dream Big campaign has been so successful is because of the drive and generosity of community leaders like Ferron Campbell, Michael Goodman and the partners of Heritage MD. Their support enables us to push the boundaries of what is possible.”

—Marie-Hélène Laramée, President and CEO of the MUHC Foundation

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