Women and Heart Disease

Traditionally thought of as “a middle-aged man’s disease,” heart disease is not usually recognized as one of the primary causes of death in women. But the harsh reality is that women are six times more likely to die from heart disease than breast cancer. In fact, heart disease kills more women aged 65 and older than all cancers combined. More than 25,000 Canadian women lose their lives to heart disease each year. That means every 20 minutes, a woman dies: someone’s mother, daughter, aunt, or dear friend.

With Canadian life expectancy continuing to rise, the number of women living with heart disease is also expected to increase, highlighting the importance of educating women about the symptoms of heart disease. Better efforts need to be made before the disease claims more lives.

Help us Dream Big for Women’s Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among Canadian women, but it is one of the most preventable, too. That’s why it is so important to support the MUHC Foundation as it raises $3 million for the Women’s Healthy Heart Initiative.

Help more women live long, healthy lives.