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As we weather the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, our health care heroes and physician-scientists continue to work tirelessly to keep our community safe.

Since the pandemic began, scientists with the McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity (MI4) have undertaken 50+ innovative research projects to solve the problems of the pandemic, from transmission to treatments to finding a vaccine. Their efforts have created much-needed solutions and new knowledge to get us through this global crisis:

  • Don van Meyel and Dr. Martin Schmeing came together to create COVID-19 testing reagents when the world was facing a shortage. They delivered their first batch of 15,000 tests in July 2020 and are now scaling up production.
  • Nicole Basta created, a website to help the general public track the progress of COVID-19 vaccine development in countries around the world.
  • Benjamin Smith’s research showed that, with the right testing strategy, mandatory quarantine for health care workers exposed to COVID-19 could be reduced to just seven days.

These are just a few of the many COVID-19 initiatives made possible by your gifts to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund. To date, the MUHC Foundation has raised over $7 million to support these and many other critical pandemic needs. Learn more about the impact of your gift on our COVID-19 Impact page.

The MUHC Foundation created the COVID-19 Emergency Fund to allow the MUHC to rapidly launch critical research projects to end the virus and support the tireless efforts of our hospital staff in the face of this pandemic. With your help, we continue to take immediate action and focus on preventing and curing the disease.