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2023 August

<p>Ensure support for people experiencing life-threatening illness.</p>

Ensure support for people experiencing life-threatening illness.

There are few events that upend lives more than diagnosis with a serious illness. Whether an advanced cancer, heart failure or chronic lung disease, facing loss of life is a burden no one should face alone.


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Finding fulfillment in the face of serious illness.

Palliative care is about so much more than preparing for the end of life; it’s about providing critical physical, emotional, spiritual and social support at any stage of serious illness. Created in Montreal fifty years ago by Dr. Balfour Mount, palliative care was a radical idea that made room for fulfillment even at the end of life. Today, the MUHC is building on this legacy to provide meaningful relationships and rich experiences for people living with serious illness.



Effective palliative care is about effective communication

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is life-altering. These individuals need specialized support and with your help, we can ensure they receive it.

  1. Conducting research to transform care

    The Centre for Relationships in Serious Illness (CERES) will explore how to best support and strengthen relationships during serious illness to transform health care. Findings will lead to MUHC-wide training to create meaningful relationships between doctor and patient, patient and their loved ones, and more.

  2. Improving communication

    Communication is extremely important to the delivery of quality health care and a positive patient experience. The Interprofessional McGill Program in Advanced Communication Skills (IMPACS) will provide essential education to health care professionals ensure they are equipped to support patients and their families.

  3. Defining the cutting-edge of palliative care

    The MUHC has a vision to advance palliative care and build on the legacy created by Dr. Mount fifty years ago. Our goal is that every patient experiencing serious illness will have access to palliative care and every medical professional will be equipped to support those with life-threatening illness.

“Palliative care is now recognized globally as a critical component of providing the best possible care to people of any age and at any stage of serious illness. A whole person approach to care ensures the highest possible quality of life and well-being and can even foster an experience of growth for the patient.”

Dr. Justin Sanders

Director, Division of Palliative Care at the MUHC

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