Support the McGill University Health Centre

Donating publicly traded stocks and securities is an easy and tax-smart way to support the McGill University Health Centre.

Both the donor and the MUHC Foundation benefit when you donate securities directly to the Foundation. You will not have to pay any tax on capital gains if the securities are donated to the MUHC Foundation, whereas if you were to sell the securities beforehand, 50% of the appreciated value would be subject to capital gains tax, resulting in a larger tax burden for the donor and a smaller gift to the charity.

The gift must be made “in-kind” to qualify for the capital gains tax exemption, so the securities must be transferred directly into the Foundation’s brokerage account. A donation receipt is issued for the fair market value of the security on the date of transfer.

(McGill University Health Centre Foundation Charitable Registration Number: 86843 3947 RR0001)