Leading Quebec family joins fight against ovarian cancer

Jean-Pierre Léger and the Léger Family Foundation donate $100,000 to the DOvEE campaign 

September 21, 2021 ー Jean-Pierre Léger and the Léger Family Foundation are committed to helping make ovarian and endometrial cancers detectable and curable. Léger, a leading Quebec philanthropist and former president of Rotisserie St. Hubert, has generously donated $100,000 to the MUHC Foundation’s DOvEE campaign. The Léger family joins Julie Snyder, DOvEE spokesperson, in support of this transformational campaign that will save countless women’s lives around the world.

The MUHC’s Director of Gynecologic Oncology, Dr. Lucy Gilbert, founded the Detecting Ovarian and Endometrial Cancers Early (DOvEE) project to ensure fewer women lose their lives to these cancers. Ovarian and endometrial cancers are known as “silent killers” because they present no symptoms—by the time cancer is detected, women face grim survival rates. In 2018, Dr. Gilbert developed the DOvEEgene test: a simple diagnostic test that detects ovarian and endometrial cancers in their early stages, ensuring a much greater chance of survival. It works much like a pap smear does for cervical cancer.

Julie Snyder lost her mother to ovarian cancer in 2018. Mr. Léger lost a close friend to late-stage ovarian cancer, making this a cause close to his heart.

Once made available, the DOvEEgene test can be taken easily, without specialized medical equipment by women all over Quebec.

“When I learned of Julie Snyder’s partnership with the MUHC Foundation and their goal, I knew I had to help. The Léger Family Foundation will support Julie’s goal to make the DOvEEgene test readily available to save the lives of countless women through early detection of these deadly cancers.”

Jean-Pierre Léger, Vice-President of the Léger Family Foundation

Julie Snyder has also personally contributed to the DOvEE campaign, including a $5,000 donation from her company, Production J. She dedicated several episodes of her popular television show, La Semaine des 4 Julie to sharing why this cause is so personal to her.

“The DOvEE Project is close to my heart. I do not want anyone to experience losing a family member to ovarian cancer. The DOvEEgene test could help us end ovarian and endometrial cancers as deadly diseases in my lifetime. Thank you, Jean-Pierre, for believing in this mission.”

Julie Snyder, media personality and spokesperson, DOvEE campaign

This generous $100,000 donation will help fund the final stage of the DOvEE phase 3 clinical trial in Montreal. 2500 women will take part in the trial, helping to change the course of medicine for future generations. Women from 45 to 75 years old can register to participate in the trial, which began in May. 

“I am so grateful to Jean-Pierre Léger and the Léger Family Foundation for their leadership and generosity. The DOvEEgene test is a landmark Canadian discovery that will save millions of women worldwide. The Léger family’s commitment will help revolutionize medicine.”

Julie Quenneville, President and CEO of the MUHC Foundation  

The Léger Family joins Medicart/Epiderma network, Raymond James and BMO, among others, in supporting this ground-breaking research. 

To learn more: https://muhcfoundation.com/dream-big/cancer/dovee/