Research Firsts

YearNameSitePsysician /Scientist
2013Most common form of heart valve disease is linked to unusual cholesterolMUHCG. Thanassoulis
2013Discovery of an entirely new way that cancer spreadsMUHCL. Ferri
2013New therapy using the video game Tetris to treat ÔLazy EyeÕMUHCR. Hess
2012Identification of two genetic mutations that are responsible for up to 40 per cent of fatal brain cancers in childrenMUHCN. Jabado
2012Identification of a new gene responsible for a form of blindness in newbornsMUHCR. Koenekoop
2011Sleep hormone discovery that led to a novel drug to potentially treat insomniaMUHCG. Gobbi
2011Development of a new blood test that can diagnose AlzheimerÕs diseaseMUHCV. Papadopoulos
2010Identification of serum biomarkers for ChagasÕ diseaseMUHCM. Ndao, B. Ward
2010Rapid identification of hereditary genetic diseasesMUHCN. Jabado, J. Majewski
2010Discovery of the gene responsible for susceptibility to gastrointestinal neoplasiaMUHCW. Foulkes
2009New fundamental mechanism of how tumour cells communicate discoveredMUHCJ. Rak
2009Discovery of new retinal gene involved in childhood blindnessMUHCR. Koenekoop et al.
2009Automated anesthesia createdMUHCT. Hemmerling et al
2008Identification that apoB is the best index of the adequacy of LDL lowering therapyMUHCA. Sniderman
2007Diabetes gene discoveredMUHCC. Polychronakos, R. Sladek
2007Identification of human brain ordering centreMUHCM. Petrides
20071st baby born from frozen eggs, matured in the labMUHCS-L Tan
2006Risk associated with the use of Cox-2 inhibitors describedMUHCL. Levesque, J. Brophy, B. Zhang
2005Model of stem cells in miceRVHAlan Peterson/Cheryl Friedman
2005New imaging procedure in PET imagingMGHChristopher Thomspon
2005New device for bone repairRVHD. Giannitsios/L. Beckman/T. Steffen
2005Discovery of a new gene associated with premature agingRVHDavid Goltzman/Dengshun Miao
2005Use of soluble Interleukin (IL)-1 receptor in the treatment of Crohn's diseaseMGHDenis Franchimont
2005New pathway of signal transduction in cancer cellsRVHEric Chevet et al
2005Discovery of the gene that controls the speed at which pts develop TBMGHErwin Schurr et al
2005New biochemical pathway in uncontrolled cellRVHJean-Jaques Lebrun
2005Colon cancer is found to be inherited in some casesRVHJeremy Jass
2005Use of whey-derived proteins in wound repairMCHLarry Lands et al
2005First dedicated pediatric insulin pump centreMCHLaurent Legault
2005New protein involved in vessel formation in tumoursRVHLuis Fernando Congote et al
2005New peptide involved in cell-to-cell signalingRVHOrest Blaschuk/Emmanuelle Devern
2005Novel treatment of osteoporosisRVHPeter Siegel et al
2005New device for egg preservation in assisted reproductionRVHRi-Cheng Chian/Sean-Lin Tan
2005Electronic prevention of prescription errorsRVHRobyn Tamblyn/Allan Huang et al
2005Hand held advanced asthma decision support developed - pt to physicianRVHRobyn Tamblyn/Pierre Ernst
20051st successful birth in Canada from frozen eggRVHS.L. Tan/R. Cheng-Chian/W. Buckett/L.Gilbert
20051st Botox Injections for saliva management in childrenMCHSam Daniel
2005New molecules involved in the growth of nerve cellsMGHSamuel David et al
2005New device for egg collection in assisted reproductionRVHSeang-Lin Tan/William Buckett
2005Diagnostic procedure to assess erectile dysfunctionRVHSerge Carrier et al
2004New protein of cellular skeletonRVHAlan Peterson
2004Discovery of biomarker for obesityRVHAllan Sniderman/Katherine Cianflone
2004Diagnostic test for Trypanosoma Cruzi InfectionMGHBrian Ward/Momar Ndao
2004Creation of a proteosome-based measles vaccineMGHBrian Ward/Sophie Chabot
2004New method of cancer detection in tissue samplesRVHDaniel Dufort et al
2004Leprosy susceptibility genes identifiedMGHE. Schurr/L. Abel/A. Alcais
2004New pathways of inflammationRVHEric Chevet et al
2004Proved the MMR vaccine is not associated with pervasive developmental disordersMCHEric Fombonne
2004New tool for bone repairRVHGamal Baroud/Lorne Beckman/T. Steffen
2004New drug target for pain controlMGHGuy Rouleau
2004New cause of male infertilityMCHJacquetta Trasler et al
2004New test for HDL ("good cholesterol") functionRVHJaques Genest et al
2004New method for tumour targeting with drugsRVHJean-Claude Bertrand
2004New regime for combined drug therapy of tumoursRVHJean-Claude Bertrand et al
2004Novel antibodies associated with lupusMGHJoyce Rauch/Rebecca Suban
2004Novel device for anaesthesia monitoringRVHKathryn DeKoven/Alain Deschamps
2004New therapeutic agent for type 1 diabetesMGHLawrence Rosenberg/James Hale
2004New growth factor for engineering of islet cells of pancreasMGHLawrrence Rosenberg et al
2004New compound for wound healing and liver cell regenerationRVHLuis Fernando Congote
2004New diagnostic test for tuberculosisMGHMarcel Behr/Makeda Semret
2004Described the role of t-lymphocyte and it's cytokines in allergic asthmaMCHQutayba Hamid
2004Use of cytokines as a rapid immuno-diagnostic test for active TBMCHRichard Menzies/Marcel Behr
2004New genetic technology to inhibit tumour growth in miceMGHRima Rozen
2004Diagnosing sleep apnea - detect, treat and curing the worst cases of sleep apnea in just daysMCHRobert Brouillette
2004MOXXI automated health problem listRVHRobyn Tamblyn/Allen Huang/Melodie Faucher
2004MOXXI e-pad electronic prescribing applicationRVHRobyn Tamblyn/Allen Huang/Melodie Faucher
2004MOXXI wireless electronic prescribing system architectureRVHRobyn Tamblyn/Allen Huang/Melodie Faucher
2004New method of preserving fertility in young women with cancerRVHSeang Lin Tan
2004Development of Cryoleaf, a freezing device for eggs and embryosRVHSeang Lin Tan/Ri-Chen Chian
2004New device for transport of eggs (assisted reproduction)RVHSeang-Lin Tan et al
2004New software for genetics and bioinformaticsMGHVincenzo Forgetta et al
2004New gene identified in breast cancer important in tumour biologyRVHW. Muller/J. Hassel.N.Kurpios/D. White
2003New molecule associated with breast cancer progressionRVHAlain Nepveu/Nam-Sung Moon et al
2003Genetically engineered stem cells in miceRVHAlan Peterson
2003Candidate drug for treatment of obesityRVHAllan Sniderman/Kathryn Cianflone et al
2003New treatment of tissue injuryRVHAndrew Bateman
2003New device to control blood sugar in diabetesMCHConstantin Polychronakos/Olivier Leloup
2003Identification of host gene that makes people susceptible to leprosyMGHE. Schurr/T. Hudson
2003Test to predict drug reactionMGHGuy Rouleau/Qingling Duan
2003New tumour therapy targetRVHJean-Claude Bertrand et al
2003Development of new primary therapies in cystic fibrosisMGHLarry Lands et al
2003New method to measure lactic acid levelsMCHLarry Lands et al
20031st use of cannabis in the treatment of chronic pain in CanadaMGHM. Ware/G. Bennett/J.P. Collet/A. Gamsa/Y. Shir
2003Development of a novel immunodiagnostic test for human ParatuberculosisMGHMarcel Behr/Markeda Semret
2003Metabolic pathway in tumour developmentRVHMorag Park et al
2003New protein associated with vessel growth in cancerRVHMorag Park/Caroline Saucier
2003Gene that controls susceptibility to TB discoveredMGHP. Gros/L.Mitsosand et a
2003Interferon y as a new therapy for OsteoporosisRVHRichard Kremer
20031st to link two new gene mutations on the most common inherited cause of blindness, retinitisMCHRobert Koenekoop et al
2003MOXXI Drug ProfilerRVHRobyn Tamblyn/Allen Huang et al
2003New treatment for nerve degeneration in spinal injuriesMGHSamuel David/Marline Sircotte
2003Discovery of gene associated with liver cirrhosisMGHThomas Hudson
2003Discover Discovery of a defective gene responsible for Leigh Syndrome French Canadian variantMGHThomas Hudson et al
2003Gene associated with leukemiaMGHThomas Hudson/Tomi Pastinen
2003Initiated large scale analysis of genetic variation that modifies gene expressionMGHThomas Hudson/Tomi Pastinen
2003Development of a rapid diagnostic MRSQ assayMGHVivian Loo/Pierre Lebel/Susan Fenn
2002New drug targets for fungal infectionsRVHBernard Turcotte
2002New hormone involved in osteoporosisRVHDavid Goltzman et al
20021st mechanical heart device used to bridge a transplant - youngest pt in North AmericaMCHEmil Jutras
2002Proved that repeat HPV infection is a reliable predictor of cervical cancer precursor lesionsRVHFranco Carli et al
2002Gene for epilepsy discoveredMGHG. Rouleau/P.Cossette
2002New biomarker of susceptibility to incontinence in elderlyMGHGeorge Kuche/Qing Zhu
2002Model of spinal cord regenerationMGHJean-Pierre Julien
2002New model for Lou-Gehrig's diseaseMGHJean-Pierre Julien
2002Miripine, a drug cocktail for the treatment of ALS and other neurodegenerative diseasesMGHJean-Pierre Julien/Jasna Kriz
2002New method of early diagnosis of lung diseasesMCHLarry Lands et al
2002Cure of diabetes in the mouse modelMGHLawrence Rosenberg
2002Demonstrated that INGAP peptide lead to acinar-to-islet cell transformationMGHLawrence Rosenberg
2002New method of islet cell propagation (diabetes)MGHLawrence Rosenberg
2002New test for bioavailability of drugsMGHLawrence Rosenberg
2002Tissue engineering of islet cells of pancreasMGHLawrence Rosenberg/Mark Lipsett
2002Early diagnosis of tuberculosisMGHMarcel Behr/Serge Mostow
2002Diagnostic kit to identify people predisposed to develop kidney stonesRVHOrest Blaschuk
2002Created combination of opiods and anticholinesterase for treatment of painRVHPierre Fiset/Steven Backman/Gilles Plourde
2002Medium for in vitro maturation of immature human oocytesRVHRi-Cheng Chian
2002New technology for assisted reproductionRVHRi-Cheng Chian
2002Phospholipase A2 in treatment of multiple sclerosisMGHSamuel David/Athena Kalyvas
2002Diaphragm electrical activity to monitor and control ventilator operationRVHStewart Gottfried
2002New device to control a ventilatorRVHStewart Gottfried et al
2002New target for diseases of lipid metabolismMGHThomas Hudson et al
2002Discovery of gene associated with obesityMGHThomas Hudson/James Engert et al
2002New method of tumour localization in radiotherapyMGHTony Falco/Dimitre Hristov
2002Pathogenesis of head and neck cancersMGHWilliam Foulkes
2001Discovery of a human sequence with application in gene therapy for diseases of the peripheral nervesRVHAlan Peterson/Pierre Lepage/Thomas Hudson
2001Human DNA sequence and homologous mouse DNA with strong enhancer activityMGHAlan Peterson/Pierre Lepage/Thomas Hudson
2001Cloned gene for receptor accessory protein - (for wound healing, scarring, cancer progression)MGHAnie Philip
2001Novel protein involved in wound healing and cancer progressionMGHAnie Philip
2001Therapeutic utilization of Peroxovanadium for treatment and prevention of cardio diseasesRVHBarry Posner
2001Developed a test in differentiating between children deficient in growth hormoneMCHGloria Tannenbaum
2001Test to diagnose early epilepsyMGHGuy Rouleau
2001Identification of the gene linked to a form of juvenile ALSMGHGuy Rouleau et al
2001Generalized epilepsy mapping and method to assess, diagnose, prognose or treatMGHGuy Rouleau/Patrick Cossette
2001A novel strategy of targeting anti-cancer drugsRVHJean-Claude Bertrand
2001Novel molecular combination for the treatment of refractory tumoursRVHJean-Claude Bertrand
2001Protein promoting development of transplanted islet cells of pancreasMGHLawrence Rosenberg
2001Tissue engineering (pancreatic islet cells)MGHLawrence Rosenberg
2001Use of Ignap as a neurotrophic agentMGHLawrence Rosenberg
2001Use of islet call progenitor cells for islet cell expansion (diabetes)MGHLawrence Rosenberg
2001Described concepts of human haplotypes and signatures of recombination hotspots and their usesMGHThomas Hudson et al
2001Initiation of the HapMap Consortium to map human diseaseMGHThomas Hudson et al
2000A diagnostic kit for tubulin, a protein important in the cellular skeletonRVHClaude Gagnon/Daniel White
2000B3, A monoclonal antibody against the polyglutamylated motifs of tubulinRVHClaude Gagnon/Daniel White
2000Compounds and methods for cancer therapyRVHOrest Blaschuk
2000Modification of cell survival in hyperproliferative diseaseMCHPaul Goodyer
2000Identification of a novel cancer target to be used in cancerMCHRima Rozen/Jaspreet Sekhom
1999Role of Pex in the development and treatment of osteoporosisRVHDavid Goltzman/Janet Henderson
1999Gene for Lafore's disease (inherited epilepsy)MGHGuy Rouleau
1999Platform for in-vitro islet cell differentiation (tissue engineering of pancreatic cells)MGHLawrence Rosenberg
1999Use of XV Antisense Oligonucleotides of metastic spreadRVHPnina Brodt et al
1999Gene therapy with retinoid X receptor in cancerRVHRichard Kremer
1999Mouse model for Methyethylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase deficiencyMCHRima Rozen
1999Vaccine for nerve regenerationMGHSamuel David
1998New pathway to modulate insulin receptor function in diabetesRVHBarry Posner
1998An expert system for EEG monitoring in the pediatric intensive care unitMNHGotman et al
1998Computerized EEG analysisMNHGotman et al
1998Developed automatic EEG analysis during long-term monitoring in the ICUMNHGotman et al
1998Segmentation and classification of EEEG during epileptic seizuresMNHGotman et al
1998Endoexonuclease as a target for anti-cancer therapyMGHTerry Chow
1997Discovery of INGAP peptides for treatment of diabetesMGHLawrence Rosenberg
1997Proteins inhibiting oncogenes (anti-tumour agents)RVHOrest Blaschuk et al
1997A novel method for non-invasive monitoring of respirationRVHPeter Macklem et al
1997Method for evaluation of anticancer agentsRVHRichard Kremer
1997New copper transport proteins in bloodMGHSamuel David/Bharatkumar Patel
1996Gene causing susceptibility to chronic infections in cattleMGHErwin Schurr et al
1996Gene controlling folate deficiency in lung cancerMCHRoy Gravel/Rima Rozen et al
1995Dedicated apparatus and method for emission mammographyMGHChristopher Thomspon
1995Gene associated with localized muscular dystrophyMGHGuy Rouleau
1995Gene associated with tumour metastic spreadRVHPnina Brodt et al
19951st physical map of the human genomeMGHThomas Hudson et al
1994Developed system for naming mutations (every journal uses language system today)MCHC. Scriver/D. Cotton et al
1993Novel mechanism of obesityRVHAllan Sniderman/Kathryn Cianflone
19931st credible myoblast transfer trials involving Muscular dystrophy patientsMNHGeorge Karpati
1993Gene associated with neurofibromatosisMGHGuy Rouleau
1993Novel gene associated with Lou-Gehrig diseaseMGHGuy Rouleau
1993Cloned the bcg gene in mice, and in humans called the Nramp (infection vulnerability)MGHP. Gros/E. Skamene/E. Schurr/K. Morgan
1993Creation of a new vector for gene therapyRVHRoger Palfree
1993Gene associated with early atherosclerosisMCHRoma Rozen
1992Protein stimulating function of pancreatic islet cells Lawrence RosenbergMGHLawrence Rosenberg
19911st palliative care program established in pediatric setting in CanadaMCH
19901st bone implanted hearing device in a child in CanadaMCHMelvin Schloss
1990Pioneered new surgical technique for damaged heartsMGHRay Chu-Jeng Chiu
1989Prostate-derived factor associated with osteoporosisRVHDavid Goltzman
19881st heart transplant to youngest recipient in CanadaMCH
19861st cochlear implant in a child in CanadaMCHMelvin Schloss
19851st successful liver transplant performed in Canada (youngest recipient)MCH
1985New proteins simulating hormonal action DavidRVHDavid Goltzman
19841st MRI Scanner in CanadaMNH
19811st medical Cyclotron in CanadaMNH
19801st bone marrow transplant performed on a child in CanadaMCH
1980Regeneration of neurons in the brain proved Albert Juan AguayoMGHAlbert Juan Aguayo
1980Initiation of high school screening program to detect carriers of CF, Tay-Sachs & ThalassemiaMCHCharles Scriver
1980Designed test based on cell immunity response (detects immunity to cancer) David ThompsonMGHDavid Thompson
19751st PET Scanner in CanadaMNH
19731st Computer Axial Tomography in CanadaMGH
1972Hormone prolactin isolated from human pituitaries & 1st practical assay createdRVHHenry Friesen/Harvey Guyda
19701st ambulance service instituted in CanadaMGH
1970Development of PET technologyMNH
1970Discovered that hereditary metabolic diseases could be treated with vitaminsMCHCharles Scriver
19701st eye and ear specialist in CanadaMGHFrancis Buller
19701st enteral tube feed in the world - developedMGHHope McArdle/Ray Brown
1970Demonstrated connection between small airway diseases and cigarette smokingMCHPater Macklem
1970Introduction of Lister's antiseptic systemMGHThomas George Roddick
19701st hospital pathology report published in CanadaMGHWilliam Osler
1970Developed rapid way to collect water samples at various depths without contaminationMGHWyatt Galt Johnston
1970Introduction of sterilized cotton wool swabs in test tubesMGHWyatt Galt Johnston
1969Creation of a services and counseling clinic for inherited diseasesMCHC. Scriver/C. Laberge/C. Chow/D. Dufour
1969Developed immuno assay for CEAMGHD. Thompson/P. Gold/S. Freedman
1969Discovery of a carcino-embryonic antigen - tumour marker for cancerMGHPhil Gold/Samuel Freedman
1967Developed a recording technique for flourescein cerebral and angiography depicting brain circulationMGHCharles Hodge
19661st therapeutic heart catheterization in Canada on a patient of any age performedMCH
1966Introduction of dietary supplements to prevent some forms of mental retardationMCHCharles Scriver
19651st artificial knee joint in the worldMGHJoe Miller
1965Developed the gate-control theory of painMGHRonald Melzack
1964Intracarotid sodium amytal for the lateralization of cerebral speech dominanceMNHC. Branch/B. Milner/T. Rasmussen
1963Proof that ozone toxicity could be a risk in city air and during high level flightRVHJoseph Milic-Emili/David Bates
19611st outpatient clinic in Canada specifically for adolescentsMCH
19611st scientific description of how air is distributed in the lungs as we breatheMCHJoseph Milic-Emili
1960Vineberg procedure - 1st implanted mammary artery into heart wall to revascularizeRVHArthur Vineberg
1960Implementation of genetic screening programs in newborns for hereditary metabolic diseasesMGHC Scriver/J. Dussault
19571st description of multiple forms of memory systemsMNHBrenda Milner
1957Discovery of GABA neuro transmitterMNHKAC Elliott/Hugh Mclennan et al
19571st Kidney transplant in North America (identical twin sisters)RVHKen McKinnon/John Dossetor
1957Invention of the artificial cellMcGillThomas Chang
1953Demonstrated that "Levadopa" offered a marked but temporary anti-parkinsonian effectRVHTheodore Sourkes
19511st Canadian home dialysis program initiatedMGH
19511st hospital based clinic in Canada for patients with genetic disordersMCH
19501st pediatric hospital in Canada to establish a child psychiatry departmentMCH
19501st pediatric hospital in Canada to establish Division of Medical GeneticsMCH
1950Discovery that drugs taken by pregnant women could result in birth defectsMCHClarke Fraser
1950Creation of the 1st clinical diagnostic bacteriology serviceRVHEveritt George Dunne Murray
1950Described elastic properties of the lungMCHRonald Christie/Margaret Becklake
19501st neuro-surgical treatment of epilepsyMNHWilder Penfield et al
19461st psychiatric day hospital in North America at the Allan MemorialRVH

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