MUHC Foundation legacy donors Suzie Meunier and Jacques Rocray

How a legacy gift is inspiring hope for one Montreal area couple

“Initially, it seemed like just a little pimple on my arm between the elbow and the shoulder, but this pea-sized growth was painful. As the pain intensified in the following weeks I saw doctors and had several consultations. The growth was removed five months later in a hospital near my home on the South Shore. Small cut, small scar.


But, the story doesn’t end there. Six weeks later, I was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive form of cancer.


It took only a single discussion and a fax containing the report of the initial procedure to the oncology department of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), and I became a patient of Dr. Robert Turcotte, orthopedic surgeon oncologist.


I had another, more substantive surgery, two weeks later. Today, I am in top form and in full capacity of my arm. I have been in remission for nearly five years now. I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Turcotte and the MUHC for the exceptional care I received.


It is in this context that my wife Suzie Meunier and I decided to review our financial priorities and invest in hope. After much reflection, we decided that a testamentary legacy made to different research departments of the MUHC, and more specifically to the Cedar Sarcoma Research Fund, best met our vision of investing in hope.”


– Jacques Rocray, MUHC Foundation donor

The MUHC Foundation is hosting an information session on legacy giving next month. Hear from experts in the field on how you can plan your legacy.


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