From left: Liz and Tom Aiken, Hospital Hero Kelly McCarthy and Lorna Aiken.

When Kelly McCarthy received the news that someone had made a Hospital Hero donation in her name, she was shocked and humbled.

“I thought it was wonderful, I immediately teared up,” she says.

Kelly has given 15 years of service and counting to the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). Formerly a member of the housekeeping team, she now works in the cafeteria at the Glen site. And according to transplant recipient and MUHC patient Tom Aiken, she serves up a mean BLT sandwich!

“As my brother has been very sick for the past two years, we’ve made many trips and have spent many hours at the Glen. Kelly has always managed to put a smile on our faces. She has such an understanding and caring way about her, and the smile on her face means a lot,” says Lorna Aiken, Tom’s sister who made the donation to honour Kelly.

Lorna, Tom, and Liz, Tom’s wife, made the trip to the MUHC’s Glen site as a family to thank Kelly in person and pin her. It was then that Kelly discovered who had nominated her. “Bacon talks!” she joked, referring to her signature sandwich, Tom’s favorite meal after his Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy (IVIg).

For Kelly, it means the world to know that she is making a difference in the lives of the patients she sees.

If you feel someone made a meaningful difference in your care, express your gratitude by making a donation in their honour to the MUHC Foundation’s Hospital Hero program.

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