Raize Craze is back again this year!

Support Metastatic Breast Cancer Research at the MUHC

Pink in the City is holding its 7th annual Raize Craze!  Committed individuals of all ages will have their hair shaved off in support of breast cancer research at the MUHC.  By making a donation, or bravely putting yourself forward for a cut and shave, you will be supporting new breakthroughs in metastatic breast cancer research.

Past courageous participants have helped raised thousands of dollars in donations in support of the MUHC Foundation’s Breast Clinic Wellness Program.  Every year, participants raise thousands of dollars in exchange for one fearless act: shaving their head. Every donation encourages our heroic volunteer fundraisers in their quest to triumph over breast cancer. 

This year donations will go toward metastatic breast cancer research. Metastatic breast cancer occurs when the cancer spreads from the breast into another part of the body. Using precision medicine, physicians are able to quickly diagnose metastatic breast cancer in patients early, when it’s more treatable.

Help us Revolutionize Treatment and Care.

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