One Run. One Fight.

Help prevent vision loss and blindness. Join us in supporting Dr. Saheb’s Blindfold Run Challenge! 

As an ophthalmologist and a specialist in glaucoma, Dr. Hady Saheb has witnessed firsthand the suffering caused by glaucoma-related vision loss and blindness among his patients at the MUHC. 

To raise awareness of this devastating condition, Dr. Saheb is running 50km while blindfolded (with a sighted guide) to raise $50,000 for the MUHC Foundation in support of the Glaucoma Service at the McGill Academic Eye Centre (MAEC).  Glaucoma is a silent yet devastating condition and one of the leading causes of blindness in Canada and worldwide.

Come join Dr. Saheb as he finishes his last 5km on Oct 7th and consider a gift in support of this great cause!  Together, we can help ensure that no family endures seeing a loved one suffer from vision loss.

Help our patients keep their eyesight and live healthy lives.

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