Why join the Dream Big Club?

At the MUHC Foundation, we’re set on changing the course of lives and medicine. Today’s discoveries are tomorrow’s cures, and as a member of the MUHC’s team, you play a key role in making it all possible. The last few months have shown us how important it is to connect, support each other, and also take the time to be proud and celebrate the wins! The power of teamwork is unmatched, and we know that to succeed we need to dream big, together.

How to Join

Set up a monthly donation of a minimum of $5 or make a one-time gift of a minimum of $15 to become a Dream Big Club member!

All donations will contribute to the Legacy and Innovation Fund. Given today’s speed of innovation and the dynamics of health care, our hospital’s priorities are constantly shifting. By giving to the MUHC Foundation’s Legacy and Innovation Fund, you’re giving us the flexibility to quickly seize opportunities and convert them into impact.

You must be an MUHC or RI-MUHC staff member to join the Dream Big Club.